Nextgen citizen engagement platform


What for a citizen platform?
Here’s an example…

You are the head of a local council. You need to up a new policy to stop your city center from “dying”.
Where do you start?
Your architects emphasize building infrastructure issues,
your town planning experts recommend further geographic expansions; and your economists argue that center remain commercially non viable. But what do all your experts know about the real-life challenges of city centers?
Don’t you wish you could ask for all this advice from just one source that gathers together all of the sector’s experience and its vested interests?
A citizen innovation platform can do just that.

In the messy and power-infused world of policymaking,
citizen platforms can help balance the vested interests of market actors, civil society and other stakeholders to support policy and development processes.
They can bring together different types of expertise, experience and interests.
They can facilitate learning between policymakers, market and civil society actors to develop negotiated and implementable policies and regulations.

A one stop shop to manage citizen relationships

Ideas, photos and videos challenges

Votations and Budget co-construction

Local directories

Collective Project management

Administrative Process management

Online debates

Events management


What is different about a MARYLINK citizen platform?

No need to build different interfaces, such as a website, an ideation platform, an internal social network, or a request for proposals portal… now all of these are integrated into the MARYLINK software suite.

One stop shop web interface

More citizens would engage with government if it were easier.
To accommodate easily as many users as possible, local governments should offer a one-stop shop web interface.
For example, Ideation spaces, photos or videos contests, directories about local shops…
Government should also give citizens the option of receiving feedback on their service requests, including status change notices such as when the request is assigned, scheduled or completed. This will assure citizens that their participation matters.
All these are possible and much more with the MARYLINK Core solution.

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Engaging more members

With the ability to contribute to the democratic process from the comfort of home, more members of the community can share their thoughts and ideas, including elderly and disabled citizens with mobility barriers.
This process goes both ways. Online civic engagement platforms also publish civic data, such as laws and legislation, and disseminate information.
Citizens can just receive the information they care about with spaces, tags and “labels” one click suscriptions.

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Achieve common goals quicker and deeper.

Citizen platforms bring together less powerful people with more influential actors . The combination of these different actors can be a catalyst to develop solutions to common problems or to achieve a common goal. By bringing together the expertise, experience and interests of different members, the MARYLINK citizen platforms can provide a valuable contribution to the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies. Such joint policymaking processes can enable rapid adoption of policies or widespread implementation of new policies.

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Not a substitute, a value add

Supplementing public hearings with online forums, surveys, and virtual podiums is convenient and makes participation accessible to more residents. Civic engagement software engages people in dialogue and encourages a constructive exchange of ideas that can be transformational.
Forget about the “traditional on line solutions” that are not flexible enough and just provide ideas, vote and comments. Your users should be able to review, help, manage, build projects troughout the whole ideation or budget set up.

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