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Create spaces and workflows with amazing tools combined in creative ways

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1 + 7 Unique toolkits

Smart spaces + 7 Amazing group of features to build your collaborative apps

Smart spaces

Unlimited number of spaces (1), advanced workflows (2) with rules (3) & permissions (4)

Social tools

@mention, bookmarks, Rich profiles, notifications, social shares, content, labels and tags suscriptions

Decision making tools

Votes, Avanced comments, User and experts reviews, Economic evaluations


Youtube videos or self hosted.
Documents direct embedding.

Geolocation, budget and date managment

Each content can be assigned a geolocation autocomplete field

Team management

User Applications and member recruitment options directly from any kind of publications

Sort & Search

Powerful global search, rich sorting options, tags and labels,

Gamification & widgets

There is a specific extension dedicated to gamification. However, the core software already provides some gamification features.

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