On line community solution for Digital communities

MARYLINK Is a modern and fully customizable community platform developed for ease of use and flexibility.

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Easy to set up

Front end magic pages & spaces builder

Using our front end builder, you can name the publication and decide which colors to be used. Add steps in your collaborative workflow. Define what tools may be used in each step, and then very easily define who in the platform will be able to use the tools, and who can see the resulting publications.

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Amazing functionnalities

We have gone beyond existing solutions, to deliver both immediate usability and unmatched flexibility. MARYLINK is both a polished, turnkey, community platform as well as being a powerful point & click application builder.

Multimedia ready

Each publication comes with the optional ability to add photos, videos or files, and documents. Each of these directly embedded in the publications.

The tools you need.

For each space, you can easily select from a choice of actionable decision-making tools; from basics like votes or public or private comments, radar reviews, economic estimates, to more advanced tools like team recruitment and individual kanboards.

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Fully extensible

Your digital community can be extended in a matter of days with dozens of top notch addons.

Compliments, polls, chats, followers


Public, private and groups events

Paid memberships management


Point & clic page builder

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