Smart spaces + Social network + web platform

For social intranets, online communities or citizen platforms

Discover the details

Second to none powerful and bespoke community platforms

Combining our core solution (smartspaces + private social network) extended with Advanced web modules of your choice

1. Collaborative smart spaces

You get several predefined spaces as standard, which you can edit or clone for changes. You can also modify,
or add new spaces as you wish, to match your projected use cases.

For each space, you can easily select from a choice of actionable decision-making tools

 Likes or votes

Public or private comments

Radar experts and users’ reviews

Team management on any publication


Economic evaluations of projects

2. A fully fledge private social network

Everything that users are able to see in a given smart space, they will be able to see and sort within their activity stream. Your users will be able to engage in multiple spaces, ideas, projects and never lose their focus.


Advanced activity sorting

Like, comment, share content

Rich profiles

Private mails & notifications

3. Extend your core platform

With a choice of add-ons such as page builder, collaboration tools, connecting features content management, marketing and monetization. See below some examples of our webapp store.