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The issue with so many other collaborative and social platforms out there is their rigid, complex designs. Most solutions are created for very particular uses with limited customization options to fit individual needs.
Organisations and Teams often struggle using multiple tools to accomplish everything which is unproductive, expensive, and unnecessary.

MARYLINK is ideal for managing innovation programs and social interactions. What’s unique about this tool is you can really manage both with enough flexibility to do things your way.
MARYLINK has extensive customization capabilities to help you create and manage any collaborative space with an intuitive design that makes it easy for people to master.

Great Combination

MARYLINK is one of the rare, if not the only, solution to be able to combine three major elements :
1) A powerful and complete collaborative process engine organised in “Smart spaces“.
With 2) A “Private social network”,
completed by 3) A “ Web publication system”, that includes a large catalog of open source extensions à la carte.

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Smart spaces

Social network

Web content management

1. Collaborative smart spaces

You get several predefined spaces as standard, which you can edit or clone for changes. You can also modify,
or add new spaces as you wish, to match your projected use cases.

With front-end space creation, users can create new collaborative spaces from a variety of templates in no time.
Simple yet powerful space privacy and membership features allow you to share sensitive information with confidence to an audience you manage.
For each space, you can easily select from a choice of actionable decision-making tools in specific workflows.
With space membership, you will be in complete control over who can access and contribute to your spaces. You can add new members to your spaces or in a matter of seconds. Users can also allow optional access requests to single publications, with email and notifications for new applications and one click approval process.

Accelerate content publishing for communications, innovation challenges and programs with multiple authors using our front end wizard. Create any type of spaces and content types, and customize editorial workflows with a world class system that increases creative agility and collaboration.

2. A fully fledge private social network

Your users will be able to engage in multiple spaces, ideas, projects and never lose their focus. Combining spaces membership with a people directory to provide quick access to all the users that are collaborating in spaces.
Using a combination of user types/roles/memberships and querying profile properties, you can build out granular dynamic audiences.
Your Members will build a valuable network by following others’ profiles, spaces, tags and content types and engaging through social interactions tools with @mentions, comments, shares, likes, emoticons, etc

Everything that users are able to see in a given smart space, they will be able to see and sort within their activity stream.

3. A “ Web publication system”,

Ecosystem integration with multiple extensions

What is ecosystem integration?

As the number of collaborative solutions available grows exponentially, the future is unpredictable, new competitors and opportunities can show anytime, and keeping pace with innovation is difficult. With our open source framework, you can integrate your platform with other technologies and solutions in your stack, with agility.

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With a choice of add-ons such as page builder, collaboration tools, connecting features content management, marketing and monetization. See below some examples of our webapp store.

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