If your community needs to deal with a bunch of specific terms, references, products names, norms or a specific vocabulary, and you still need to allow non-specialists to interact, this ‘glossary’ software is the extension your members will love.
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Often we realize that people do not understand and engage because they lack some basic understanding about the vocabulary. Norms, acronyms, products versions etc… At the other end you have people that use same vocabulary but put a different meaning behind it…

Our glossary is easy and useful. It helps you to create your own glossary of terms for Encyclopedia / Lexicon / Knowledge Base / Wiki / Dictionary in your Innovation platform.

This module allows you to auto hyperlink terms/phrases in your notes, ideas, comments, posts, questions and answers, etc… Every time glossary terms appear in the content, get automatically linked to the their URLs. This way it :

1) enhances Search Engine Optimization by auto linking each highlighted phrase or term back to a dedicated term definition page.

2) Allow users to learn in doing. Users will get involved and discover new concepts as they read and engage. You don’t anymore to send your users to costly coaching sessions or send them in classrooms, they will learn on the job !

It also allows to show tooltip window when user hovers over glossary linkify terms/phrases in your content. This helps users to quickly overview the highlighted terms and get quickly engaged based on common and shared understanding.