Kanban Project management

Get optional “Kanboards" directly into a tab within publications.  Let team members develop projects, with an easy to use point and click project tool. Let your users monitor tasks, files and deadlines with visual widgets and activity notices (requires an activity stream extension).
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Avoid seeing users sending multiple e-mails with documents stored in personal computers and multiple data repositories. These Fragmented Systems make information sharing difficult and slow.

Marylink integrates collaborative projects and efficient content management directly inside the publications.

Visual and clear overview of your tasks
The Kanban board is the best way to know the current status of a project because it’s visual. It’s straightforward to understand, there is nothing to explain and no training is required.

You can have an unlimited number of “kanboards”. Within these boards, users will be able to create tasks cards. These can easily attract comments to move further up the board. You can specify task achievements, define subtasks, and add files as well as photos in each card.

In any activity stream (optional module) users will be able to see all changes in the boards that they are a part of. Each user will also see a widget showing the tasks achieved relating to the ideas he has been assigned with

Tasks, subtasks, attachments, and comments

o            Break down a task into sub-tasks, estimate the time or the complexity.

o            Describe your task.

o            Add comments, documents, change the color, the category, the assignee, the due date.

o            Move your tasks across projects with one click

Changes and new items in all the user’s project will automatically generate a red activity notification in the user’s activity stream. Like new tasks, comments, changes of dates, tasks completed, files attached.

Then users will be able to sort all these notifications by project, nature of task, dates… so users will get the best of such a tool. A straightforward point and click visual project management in each idea, and the ability to manage dozens of projects with intuitive scorecards.