Questions and answers

You can set spaces and labels for questions and answers, but if your community requires a dedicated tool, with powerful additional options, similar to "Stack Exchange”, then the Q&A extension is a great pick. It comes rich with features, including dedicated tagging and categories, options to comment, questions and answers, and the ability for authors to select the good and the best answers.
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Create a collaborative knowledge base with Q&As.

This will allow users in similar fields to discuss questions and provide answers to common and specialist questions. You can add photos, documents with direct embedded links, and even videos providing answers to the questions. For some questions, authors may select appropriate responses for future reference.

• Search questions and answers by keywords and category with user-friendly auto-suggestion features

Add Videos, images in questions and answers

• Filter questions and answers by custom fields

• Create search and filter forms with the visual form editor

• Post comments to both questions and answers

• Post and edit comments inline

• Tag questions with auto-suggest

• Hierarchical categories

• File attachments to questions and answers

• Vote up for questions/answers/comments

• Close/reopen questions

• Favorite questions and answers

• Accept answers

• Role/Reputation-based permission system with over 40 permissions to configure

• Restrict access to members of selected roles

• Allow guest users to post questions/answers as well as accepting answers posted to their questions

• Search questions and answers